Laboratories of  Genome Bioinformatics and Genomic Disorders
Schulich School of Medicine, The University of Western Ontario

Species Identification


Method for rapid identification of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms Peter K. Rogan, US Ser. # 5,849,492

Published papers

Visual Display of Sequence Conservation as an Aid to Taxonomic Classification Using PCR Amplification Peter K. Rogan, Joseph J. Salvo, R. Michael Stephens, and Thomas D. Schneider, in Visualizing Biological Information, (ed. C.A. Pickover) pp. 21-32, World Scientific, River Edge NJ. 1995

Phylogenetic Inference based on Information Theory-based PCR Amplification P.W. Tooley, J.J. Salvo, T.D. Schneider, and P.K. Rogan, J. Phytopathology 146:427-430, 1998